Users´ advantages

  • Optimal ink transfer
  • Controlled dot gain
  • High quality solids
  • Low sinkage factor
  • Premium quality

Range of application

In conventional high quality sheetfed: for paper and for premium carton

Oberflächenstruktur Perfect Dot MX

Surface structure

PERFECT DOT® MX was launched to the industry at Drupa 1990, and has been constantly modified over the years according to the changing requirements of high quality sheetfed printing.

Due to its good ink transfer properties, excellent dot sharpness and a controlled
dot gain in the mid-tones PERFECT DOT® MX succeeded at printing press manufacturer and leading printing plants all around the world.

The base for these properties is the selection of specially produced fabrics and a compressible layer with closed micro-structure.

Experts appreciate these quality characteristics.

Product data PERFECT DOT® MX

Surface roughness according to DIN 4768,
mechanical measuring system

Ra: 0.6 µm
Rz: 4.0 µm

Hardness according to DIN 53505
Top layer: 65 IRHD-micro
Total: 80 Shore-A

Thickness according to ISO 4593:1993: 1.95 mm

Tensile strength: >4,000 N/50 mm

Stretch according to ISO 12636-4.2
at 500 N/50 mm: 0.80 %
at 1,000 N/50 mm: 1.40 %

Compressibility according to ISO 12636-4.5
1st cycle: 7.7 %
5th cycle: 8.1 %

Printing pressure
at 0.10 mm impression: 77 N/cm2
at 0.20 mm impression: 142 N/cm2

Color of top layer: green

Surface: finest grinding