Users´ advantages

  • Significant reduction of edges marking at frequent format changes
  • Excellent, even better sheet release (QR effect) and significantly less picking on the edges
  • Good swell and solvent resistance
  • Long lifetime, very robust
  • Very good dot sharpness
  • Excellent color transfer
  • Very good and even solids
  • ISEGA certified

Oberflächenstruktur Perfect Dot MX

Cross cut of

This is a new development especially for large-format packaging printing on high-speed machines.

By improving the surface structure and adapting the rubber formulation to the requirements of modern, large-format packaging printers, it has been possible to significantly improve the sheet release and to drastically reduce the typical
"picking" on the blanket edges.

The excellent ink transfer properties, the optimal solid densities and the outstanding lifetime could be retained without restriction.

Product data PERFECT DOT®XL

Surface roughness according to DIN 4768,
mechanical measuring system

Ra: 1,4 µm
Rz: 5,5 µm

Hardness according to DIN 53505
Top layer: 65 IRHD-micro
Total: 83 Shore-A

Thickness according to ISO 4593:1993: 1.95 mm

Tensile strength: >4,000 N/50 mm

Stretch according to ISO 12636-4.2
at 500 N/50 mm: 0.69 %
at 1,000 N/50 mm: 1.05 %

Compressibility according to ISO 12636-4.5
1st cycle: 5.6 %
5th cycle: 6.4 %

Printing pressure
at 0.10 mm impression: 81 N/cm2
at 0.20 mm impression: 161 N/cm2

Color of top layer: blue

Surface: finest grinding