Users´ advantages

  • Suitable for all LE-UV / HUV and LED-UV printing presses
  • Excellent dot sharpness and very good solids and halftones
  • Excellent ink transfer
  • Visible reduction in ink splitting
  • Significantly reduced carton picking due to improved sheet release
  • Good resistance against smashes and edge marking
  • High swelling and solvent resistance
  • Excellent anti-static properties
  • ISEGA certified

Oberflächenstruktur Perfect Dot MX

Cross cut of

PERFECT DOT ® UV-LE.D has been specifically developed for use in all modern, energy-saving UV printing technologies, in which the printer attaches great importance to the highest point sharpness (FM screen) and excellent color transfer.

Due to the special rubber blanket surface, both the ink splitting and the "picking" are significantly reduced and at the same time a long lifetime is achieved - in spite of partly very aggressive UV inks and washing agents.

Product data PERFECT DOT® UV-LE.D

Surface roughness according to DIN 4768,
mechanical measuring system

Ra: 0.9 µm
Rz: 4.0 µm

Hardness according to DIN 53505
Top layer: 66 IRHD-micro
Total: 81 Shore-A

Thickness according to ISO 4593:1993: 1.95 mm

Tensile strength: >4,000 N/50 mm

Stretch according to ISO 12636-4.2
at 500 N/50 mm: 0.72 %
at 1,000 N/50 mm: 1.05 %

Compressibility according to ISO 12636-4.5
1st cycle: 6.3 %
5th cycle: 6.7 %

Printing pressure
at 0.10 mm impression: 76 N/cm2
at 0.20 mm impression: 139 N/cm2

Color of top layer: blue

Surface: finest grinding